Monday, March 30, 2009

March Badness

I love March. It's my favorite month of the year. I love the longer days, the warming weather and college basketball. There is just something about filling out a bracket that gives me great pleasure. This year I filled out several and as of yesterday I was officially elimated from winning any money. My picks were so bad that I am currently in 167th out of 170 people in my work pool. Even the interns who picked the winners by colors and mascots are doing better than I am.

Growing up I won a lot of bracket pools or would at least place in the money. Now I am the laughing stock of my friends and family pool where I am dead last. My buddy Jason who couldn't name you 5 starters in all of college basketball is going to win it. Meanwhile I am up watching the 6 OT big east tournament game until late in the night. I know all the bracket statistics and trends and yet I still bomb out. Now I remember why I gave up internet wagering on football a few years ago.

Despite this year's debacle, I still do love March. Even without winning, it is still the best sporting event of the year. Watching MSU reach the final four has been fun and it was especially sweet to see Michigan return from their self imposed ban. Besides I am only a little over 11 months from getting my shot at redemption.